Sápmi Nature Camp

Come and enjoy glamping and the real Arctic landscape at award winning Sápmi Nature Camp. Enjoy exploring the world heritage area of Laponia with local guides and experience both wildlife and Sami reindeer herding on your stay in the unspoiled nature. Sápmi Nature Camp is located far away from any light pollution which creates amazing opportunities to experience the Northern Lights in the winter. In the summer you can hike the various trails nearby.

Sápmi Nature Camp is featured by National Geographic as a sustainable place to stay if you care about the planet. One reason is course the comfortable accommodation but even more so, our commitment to sustainability. We stand alongside the reindeer herders, nature lovers and others in the fight to keep our little corner of the world unspoiled and protected. Tourism is our way to create a deeper understanding for the life environment here in Sápmi and to spread knowledge, understanding and respect. We also create local jobs and a local, sustainable economy.

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Learning the Sápmi way

At Sápmi Nature Camp, I wanted to bring people into our Sami land to enjoy our world and learn about our way of life. So I created Sápmi Nature Camp on the land of my own Sami community. This Sami experience is a way to create awareness for the needs of our reindeer and our sustainable way of life here, North of the Arctic Circle. Nature is our culture and this place has been our home for generations – welcome to my home!

Lennart Pittja, founder Sápmi Nature Camp

Activities in the Arctic

Activities in the Arctic

Sápmi Nature Camp offers a wide variety of activities for throughout your stay. Some of the unique and traditional experiences are included as part of your stay to give you the fullest experience of this magical area however there are a number of exciting activities that can also be added to your stay to enhance the wonder of this exciting and dynamic place.

Experience the true Sápmi way of life

Experience the true Sápmi way of life

You will experience much of the unspoiled nature here during this experience. Many people would call this land wilderness, but from the local Sami perspective this land is not wilderness – this is a cultural landscape where people have lived for thousands of years – but their lives have been so closely connected to nature that it’s almost impossible to see the hidden signs from the past generations life here. A stay here will give you a real and genuine experience of life in the Sami way.

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