What do guests say about their Sami experience with us?

We just got another 5-bubble review on TripAdvisor!

Lauren from NYC stayed with us in December 2023 and she just wrote this 5-bubble review on Tripadvisor about the experience!

Life Changing Experience
We had a beautiful experience here. The tent was cozy and warm, the food was delicious, and Lennart and Josephine were so kind and helpful. This experience allowed me to connect with nature like I never had before. The camp ground was stunning and peaceful. Lennart taught us about the Sami people, their beautiful customs and their modern struggles due to the way so many humans exploit the earth instead of live in harmony with it. We had so much fun talking, learning, meeting the reindeer, hiking, and skiing. This trip has had a profound effect on my life. I would HIGHLY recommend visiting Sapmi nature if you’re looking for a unique and life changing experience
Lauren, NYC stayed in December 2023
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