We take pride in sharing the Sámi culture. This includes the food that we serve.

The foundation for the food is locally produced ingredients (often caught and prepared by our own family) that reflects our Sámi heritage. A traditional flatbread called Gáhkku, Reindeer meat of course, but also moose may also be served. Wild caught fish from our lakes in the mountains, including Arctic Char and Brown Trout.

We add taste and flavour by using berries and herbs from the region. Our guests are more than welcome to the kitchen to help with the preparation of our meals. This is a great way to spend time together and it’s also a lot of fun to learn from each other.

We have a set menu and dietary needs or allergies much be advised in detail in advance. We will of course have a vegetarian alternative to each meal.

Our lunches will often be served outdoors, cooked over open fire.

A typical dinner will contain a main course and a dessert. Fish and meat alternate. There will be a side salad, crisp bread and butter to the meal.