The Northern light is more than a light phenomenom - come and learn why! This autumn, we give you a 3 night stay for the price of 2 nights!

Guovsahas – Northern light the Sami way and unique offer to experience the Aurora Boeralis with us this autumn

Unique September and October offer
This autumn you can experience and learn more about Sapmi and experience the Northern Light in a unique way. We offer you to stay 3 nights in the award winning Sapmi Nature Camp for the price of 2! Contact us to learn more – this offer is only available for a limited time in September and October.
Guovsahas – Northern lights the Sami way
In the enchanting realm of Sapmi, where heavens dance with vibrant hues, a celestial spectacle unfolds—the mystical Northern Lights. Sami people have long held a profound understanding of this phenomenon, woven into the tapestry of their ancient traditions.
For countless generations, the Sami, the indigenous inhabitants of Sápmi—stretching across the northern reaches of Scandinavia and Russia—have gazed upon the night sky, seeking guidance and meaning in the shimmering lights that grace their horizon. To them, the Northern Lights are not merely a breathtaking display of colours but a language whispered by the ancestors and a connection to the cosmos.
Storytelling and traditional knowledge
In the Sami culture, storytelling is vital in passing down knowledge. Elders gather the young ones around the warmth of a crackling fire, sharing tales of Sami life, wildlife, reindeer and nature. This is also what an experience with Lennart Pittja at Sapmi Nature is all about.  Learning about life here and understanding more about the connection to nature.
Sami have looked at the sky through the generations and sought guidance in both the physical and spiritual worlds. The Pole Star has led the way for Sami since time immemorial, and the dancing aurora has given advice and strength from the generations before.
Nature is our culture
The Sami recognise the importance of living in harmony with nature, acknowledging the delicate balance that exists between humans and the world around them. To them, the lights are a reminder of their responsibility as stewards of the land and the need to preserve their cultural heritage for future generations.
Local sami Lennart Pittja
For Lennart Pittja, a Sami from a reindeer herding family on this land, tourism provides an opportunity to share Sami knowledge to his guests. Leaders from around the world are struggling to navigate in the challenges of our times. The idea of eternal economic growth has led humanity into a blind alley as global warming and collapses of biodiversity form challenges that the world has never seen before. Maybe, some of the guidance on the way forward can be found within the holistic knowledge that some 400 million indigenous peoples have in this world. Perhaps, some of the Sami stories and the understanding of the life of the reindeer can give some guidance to you too?!
As modern times bring rapid changes to the Arctic, the Sami people strive to preserve their traditions and knowledge, rooted in a deep understanding of the Northern Lights. Through their connection to this awe-inspiring phenomenon, they continue to find solace, guidance, and a sense of identity—a testament to the resilience of their culture and the enduring beauty of the Sami cultural landscape in the Arctic.